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This is an Exclusive Training & You Must Register an Expression of Interest via Application first.

When You Register Your Interest Through The Simple Process Below, You'll Get Instant Access to DOWNLOAD The Masterclass Accelerator Brochure - It Contains All The Info + Event Details With a Full Training Overview!

The Masterclass Speaker Accelerator has limited availability, ensuring each speaker can fully implement the strategies & systems to grow a sustainable, scalable and profitable speaking business.

With only 2 Masterclass Dates Available in 2018 There are Less Than 50 Places Available to Apply For in Each City.




Skyrocket Your Speaking Business in 2018 At Our 4-Day Live Speaker Masterclass Where You Will Learn the 3 Crucial Elements to Success From The Stage


We're bringing together genuine global leaders in the speaking and live events industry to deliver a highly niched training over 4 days designed to go past every other speaker course you've ever been to or heard of. No speaker trainer has ever bundled together these 3 elements to create an all encompassing, highly immersive and niched, educative training:

Part One: Masterful Stagecraft & Facilitation

Part Two: Business & Marketing Mastery 101

Part Three: Mastering Event Management 

Usually it's all just about the 'speaking side' - which is great... but there's so much more that goes into building successful speaking businesses, running profitable events and building a highly distinguished personal brand that gets completely overlooked - not anymore.

These 3 critical components to successful speaking businesses, or businesses that aren't specifically speaking businesses but use speaking events to grow faster are being bundled into a single, unique, world-class event coming to two cities only in February 2018. 

Availability is incredibly limited... not marketing lingo 'limited' - actual limited, and it's by design. There are now less than 50 spaces to apply for in each city and you can start the application process on this page if you're interested to learn more about it. 

Don't Delay - Our Waiting List is Growing Daily

Melbourne | VIC

Dates: January 31st - February 3rd | 4 Days

Time: 8:30am through to 6pm most days 
TBD | Central & Easy

Price: TBA | Less than you'd expect however

Perth | WA

Dates: February 7th - February 10th | 4 Days

Time: 8:30am through to 6pm most days
TBD | Central & Easy

Price: TBA | Less than you'd expect however

CAPTIVATE AND MESMERISE YOUR AUDIENCE - Every great great speaker must be able to engage and captivate their audience in order to inspire them towards taking immediate action. Professional speaking is one of the biggest challenges in the world, it's where the top entrepreneurs excel in building their businesses and catapulting their brand power over and above their competitors. In Day 1 and the first part of Day 2, you will be taken on a journey full of powerful strategies and insights, all through the filter of priceless intellectual property developed throughout decades of experience across our Masterclass Trainers. Your trainers are global speakers, best-selling authors, award-winning entrepreneurs and industry leaders who have built strong personal brands from stage and have captivated hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, ethically earning a fortune in the process.



DAY 1 & DAY 2

Masterful Stagecraft & Facilitation

MASTER THE BUSINESS & MARKETING OF SPEAKING - To truly get your speaking away from from being a hobby and into being a lucrative business, you have to master the business and marketing side of events. You need to ensure that every time you jump on stage, you're up there building your business strategically and with purpose. Explore cutting-edge event promotion tactics and strategies with the Co-founders of We Fill Events - a company who's promoted close to 1,000 events worldwide and is responsible for consulting and growing 7+ figure businesses alongside their speaker clients. You'll also get to learn from Travis Bell, famously known as The Bucket List Guy, but more importantly a professional speaker who has built a huge, recognisable personal brand from stage and consistently gets booked for highly-paid speaking gigs around the world - a feat most speakers struggle to ever achieve. Part 2 of Day 2 and all of Day 3 will blow your mind with what's truly capable with your speaking business. You'll take a front-row seat into the strategies that explode speakers from being one in the crowd to being THE ONE the crowd comes to experience. The cutting edge strategies and insights you'll take away from this event will pay for themselves many times over within the 4 day training itself.

Masterful Stagecraft & Facilitation

DAY 2 & DAY 3


TAME THE ONE ELEMENT THAT CAN DERAIL A GREAT EVENT - Day 4 is entirely dedicated to up-skilling you with the invaluable ability to master your event management so that you can safeguard your event success. Every event, big or small tends to be a logistical jungle that requires multiple balls being juggled at any one time in order to ensure the event runs smooth, your attendees have the best experience possible and the whole occasion goes to plan so that you can properly monetize and delight your audience in the process. Beyond creating an experience that wins an audience, there's a critical backend process of being able to negotiate deals in your favor, shaving thousands off your event budget. Little-known details that can result in speakers overpaying across the board for their events in vendors, venues, hard costs, which all ultimately chew right into your profit - if not taking it entirely. Kim, your trainer for Event Management Mastery is one of Australia's leading experts in event management, revered as "The Queen of Events." She will have you running highly successful, less stressful, vastly more profitable events that will leave you thinking that this was 'The Best Event Ever.' 

Masterful Stagecraft & Facilitation



Seriously... Seats For This Training Are Extremely Limited!

If you're remotely interested in attending this event, you must first fill in your expression of interest through the application form below. You'll then be able to download the free, extended information brochure to learn more and find out if this is right for you. 

We want to learn more about you to ensure that you're as much a fit for us as we are for you. Completing this form is not a guarantee of a seat, nor is it an obligation to buy a ticket once tickets go on sale

This form simply helps us to start our relationship together so that we can best serve you along the way. Thanks in advance!


Why do I have to 'register my interest'?

This is a highly exclusive training. We had a lot of applications, expressing interest to attend, before even officially announcing this event. To ensure that we reserve places for speakers who will benefit from this 4 day event the most, we decided that the best way to do that was to register speakers 1-by-1 one, send them a downloadable brochure and educate them as much as possible before simply releasing tickets to the general public. We really want to make sure that our 50 places in each city go to the speakers that are ready for high-level strategies and are able to hit the ground running with all of it.

What will the price be?

There is information about the pricing available in the free PDF brochure that you can download from this page by using the form below. In short however, we've not included the price as yet because it's not 100% confirmed at the moment. What is cool however, is that we'll be giving MORE in this training than other speaker trainer events, the price will be LESS, and the whole 4 days is geared around you being able to MAKE real money very fast.

Will I be sold to at this event?

There will be no selling at this event period. Absolutely no "run to the back of the room with your credit card" shenanigans allowed. We've made sure of this. If there are speakers who on the day you feel compelled to find out more information on in regards to their products and services then you're more than welcome to ask them at the time. But you will not be pitched anything except game-changing content and strategies! There are also no VIP upsells or upgrading of any kind. Everything and everyone including the trainers at this event are there at your disposal and are completely accessible unlike with other events.  

What if I just want to register now?

As much as that would be great for us, we are not opening the gates just yet. However, in the downloadable brochure that you'll get access to as soon as you register below, there is information in there about how you MAY be able to jump the cue when we do open the gates. Fill out the form below, take a read through the brochure and towards the back you'll find out how to potentially cut the line.

When are you running the next one - I can't make this one?

That's a great question. To be honest... we have no idea. The reason being is that a training like this that involves 8 world-class specialists is no easy feat with all the calendar juggling. Each of your trainers are quite literally flying in from around the world - London, Las Vegas, Singapore and from all corners of Australia to make this happen. This training alone will have required 10 months planning by the time February rolls around! The goal is to run these events perhaps once or twice a year ABSOLUTE MAX... but we can't say when the next one will be, most likely 2019.

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We are a global company with bases in the Australia, USA, UK & Canada. We promote ethical speakers globally and support them in growing sustainable, scalable and profitable speaking businesses in the process. This training has been developed to enhance our mission to support and educate speakers to make the impact in the world that drives them to speak and serve audiences everywhere.

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